Cute Shooters Games

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Cute-shooter games are shooter games with cute characteristics. Enjoy cute characters like pandas and penguins with more casual genres like marble shooters and basketball. Take a break from blood and gore with our collection of cute shooter games.

Defend and Dismember

Pixel Purge

Ninja Bear

Hambo 2

Mouse and Guns

Spiters Annihilation

Gunball 2

Urine Trouble

The Green Mission

Samurai Panda 2

Paper Cannon 2

Blast Out

Paper Wars

Samurai Panda

Granny Strikes Back


Paper Defense


Dude and Zombies

Red Boom

Color World Origins

Bazooki: A Silent Affair

Big Blocks Battle

Nimble Piggy

Rocket Panda

Don't Panic

Major Jack


Vampire Physics

Trollface Launch



Death Unicorn of Death

Bloons 2

Notebook Wars 2

Shot Shot Pirate