Cute Games

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Cute games are games that have an adorable factor when it comes to its characters, settings, and gameplay. If you have a sweet tooth and are looking for something endearing, check out the cute games on AddictingGames.

Christmas Land Adventure

Can I Eat This?

Ana Jones and the Skull Gold

Bouncy Golf

Christmas Memory

The Prince Edward

Pack Up The Toy

Brave Knights

Pretentious Game 5

Call Me Young Kaleido

Awesome Run

Candy Ride

Flying Castle

Vase Smasher


Fluffy Runner

Red Warrior

Tiny King

Wheely 7: Detective

Jo & Momo

Sweet Jelly

Pheus and Mor

Fantasy Monster Rescue Game

Unicorn 2048

Monster Hand

Fio's Adventure: The Crimson Items

Shadow Adventure

Lightybulb Round 3

Big Wash

Drippy's Adventure

Fly Trap

Tiny Monsters

Valiant Knight


The Big Fish

Cat in Japan