Target Coaster



Game Description

Target Coaster is a free shooting game that is unique as it is fun to play! Shooter games tend to be violent, gory, and action-packed. However, this is a different kind of shooter game where you have to think outside of the box. The game displays a curvy path with arrows floating through it against a pastel red background. Pay attention to the curvature of the path as this will help you angle the arrow to shoot out the white letters that you’ll find across the game. You have limitless arrows but don’t spend too much time thinking about how to do this. Each level only gives you a certain amount of time before you fail. Doing well in the game? Click on the scoreboard icon in the lefthand column to see where you rank against other players. Pass every level and gain more points to rise up the leaderboard to be number one!


To play this free shooting game, pay attention to the letters in the game and floating arrows. Use your mouse or fingers to click on the screen and shoot the arrows. Depending on where the arrow is on the curve, will determine the angle it shoots at. Hit and get rid of all of the letters on the screen.

Target Coaster Gameplay

Content RatingAll Ages
Release DateJan 30, 2020

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over 1 year ago

Really fun! In a "keep your eye on the ball" way.