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Game Description

Spiral Paint is an easy action game that you can pick and play at any time. Do you want a game that you can just click and play? Then check out the simplicity of Spiral Paint. Just because the directions are easy, though, doesn’t mean you will get it on the first try. The objective to this game is you need to finish painting the entire spiral. However, your paint can absolutely not run into a black block. Hit the block and you have to start all over again. Each stage becomes more challenging with multiple and larger blocks at faster speeds that you have to avoid running into. Paint the entire spiral without missing a spot. Collect coins to unlock all of the different shooters available. Click on the leaderboards to see how well you stack up against other players on this instant game. Beat your own score each time or try to rise up the leaderboards to be the best player on AddictingGames. 


To play this action game, click and hold to paint the spiral. Do not cross the paint with any of the black blocks. Pass multiple stages until you unlock all the shooters or rise up the leaderboards.

Spiral Paint Gameplay

Content RatingAll Ages
Release DateDec 3, 2020

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