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Vintage Vexed is a sliding tile puzzle game for smart gamers. In this classic vintage themed puzzle game you'll be forced to figure out how to push, or slide matching boxes to collide with eachother. Each box has an iconic symbol on it and it scattered around the screen. What you need to do to win is take those boxes and nudge them towards eachother so that they finally will collide and explode! The mission here is to get rid of all the boxes on the screen! But it'll be hard because you can only nudge each box left or right. You can't life them up nd you can't drag them down. This means that you will have to strategically determine which box should be focused on first. Where will you send it? The choice is yours but you'll have to make it wisely because it is entirely possible that you'll end up screwing it up and have to restart. There is of course no shame in having to start over, but of course, there is no glory in it either. You will be timed and each move will be tracked. If you wish to optimize your score, you'll have to move fast.


Please use your mouse to click on and push the boxes on screen so that they collide with a box that has the matching symbol on the side.

Vintage Vexed Gameplay

Content RatingUnrated
Release DateJun 6, 2019
DeveloperNeon Games

15090 plays


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