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Spy N Find Collage



Game Description

Spy N Find Collage is a daily hidden object game. There are some hidden objects games where you must find items in buildings or landscapes, but this version is a bit more chaotic. With Spy N Find Collage,  the objects are among hundreds of other objects in this collage of sheer messiness. There are random objects like foods, animals, devices, tools, and toys that will be layered among other objects. There are bowls, oranges, candy corn, ice trays, and toy cars. Nothing in this collage makes sense together but together they make this fun hidden object game! This will not be an easy chore so get to searchin’! Tune in every day for a new mess to search through and new items to find. You play against other professional finders as you all battle it out to the top of the daily leaderboards. You are allowed 3 wrong guesses before it hurts your score.  


To play this hidden object game, click on an item from the left-hand list. The scoring is based on how quickly you can search with any mistakes. If you click on the wrong answer or you take a hint, time will be added to your score.

Spy N Find Collage Gameplay

Content RatingAll Ages
Release DateSep 16, 2021

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about 2 years ago

What's up with only two games available? I wanted to spend some time playing games. Not sure I am liking this site.


about 2 years ago

This game only has two puzzles kept me busy for about three minutes not a very good game.>:<