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Game Description

Spotle is a free abstract strategy game. In this startling game of 'connect the dots', there is no static pattern. Instead, you'll be forced to find the signal in the noise. The game will generate a grid of multi-colored dots. Because its random every single game will be different. Once the grid has been generated it is your job to find orthogonally aligned Dots of different colors that need you to connect them. In order to score as many points as possible, you'll have to connect as many spots of the same color orthogonally. You may go from left to right and create jagged patterns as long as the connections being made are orthologous. However, you are forbidden from connecting the dots diagonally. The game will be timed and you will gain victory points based on how many individual connections you can make within that time limit. You can also activate various power-ups along the bottom of the screen. These power-ups will grant you bonus points and a variety of different abilities. However, be aware that when you activate these different power-ups and abilities you will have aa limited amount of time to use them and can only use them that one time. You'll have to be strategic about which ability you use and when. Good luck.


If you are on a mobile device use your finger to click on and select a dot which you will connect to an adjacent colored dot by dragging it orthogonally. If you are playing the game on a desktop computer use your mouse to connect the colored dots.

Spotle Gameplay

Content RatingAll Ages
Release DateAug 21, 2018
DeveloperCloud Games

26226 plays


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