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Game Description

Sliding Escape is a perilous adventure puzzle game where your ability to survive is measured in slips, slides, and geometric rides. You'll have to out-think the spikes, lasers, and other obstacles as you avoid danger by sliding into a new reality. The game is designed to test your perception and sense of space. You may die while trying out different strategies but you can always revive to keep puzzling it out. This is a game of skill and daring, a game of spatial recognition, a game of speed and most importantly a game of fun! You'll be five sheets to the wind before you get caught by the buzz saw and laser spikes. Just slip and slide your way to the glowing portals in order to finish each level. Make judicious use of gravity and timing and you'll be the endless winner of the one and only ultimte sliding escape game. Yay!


To play this puzzle game, use W,A,S,D or Arrow Pad to move your glowing cube. Avoid obstacles and danger, and try to find the most efficient and safest path to the end of the level. You will know it is the end of the level because there is a glowing portal for you to enter.

Sliding Escape Gameplay

Content RatingUnrated
Release DateDec 18, 2018
DeveloperQky Games

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over 4 years ago

Is a very good game plus it is challenging.


over 4 years ago

this is a very good game plus it is a nice challenging game.