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Red Game



Game Description

Red is a free puzzle game. Puzzle games and quizzes of all kinds have populated the internet since its humble beginnings decades ago. In this color-themed puzzle game, you will be traversing the mind-bending level after the mind-bending level as you try to puzzle your way to the end and become the ultimate Red Champion. Each level of this gam is completely different than the last and will tickle a different part of your brain. Cause and effect, spatial relations, and various kinds of riddles will confound and confuse you as you try to figure out the scarlet drenched secrets of this amazing and totally unique puzzle game. Most puzzle games are simple games for simple people, but Red is a game for only the smartest, strongest, and fastest on the click of all gamers. Challenge yourself against the blood-red challenges of this unique and fascinating puzzle game. You will surprise even yourself in this cool, crimson, challenge. Do you have the mental will to dominate the blushed challenges or will you bleed out like a noob? Only time and your skills will tell in 'Red' a game of quizzes.


Use your mouse to click or finger to tap on all of the in-game menus and answer the various questions or interact with the puzzles. Each puzzle is different and will require you to figure out how to solve it but all of them can be interacted with by clicking, or tapping.

Red Game Gameplay

Content RatingAll Ages
Release DateJan 14, 2021
DeveloperBart Bonte

90552 plays

Ty .

over 1 year ago

Good ngl 0-0