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Onet Connect Classic



Game Description

Onet Connect Classic is a tile-matching game. Across the universe, there are scattered animals of all kinds. Animals who need to be brought back together one at a time. Do you have the skill, the will, and the tenacity to take on the universe itself? Take potshots into the void with this cute connection game. In order to connect the animals and re-enforce their inherent oneness, you'll have to click on one then the other and make them line up. Only straight lines that do not cross another animal can be used in this game. You can not go diagonal, you can not weave a complicated maze-like pattern in this game. The will of the void is so strong that only lines that go from point A to point B have the integrity to outrun the void. Once the animals you have rescued have been properly connected they will disappear into the ether, finally able to enjoy the peace that comes with nothingness. This will open up more spaces on the board and allow you to move more pieces longer distances.


Use your mouse to click on the animals one at a time. Once you have clicked on an animal you will have to click on another animal of the same type in order to connect them. Hint: The lines you draw don't have to be within the confines of the board, you can color outside the lines on this one.

Onet Connect Classic Gameplay

Content RatingUnrated
Release DateOct 3, 2019

57502 plays


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