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Rotate the device into portrait mode to play this game.

Candy Bubble



Game Description

Candy Bubble is a free bubble shooter game. Candy is a sweet treat and bubbles are airy fun. When you combine the two you get a crazy, floaty, and dreamy synthesis of fun and excitement. Use your aim and try to recognize the patterns as you blast your way through various levels filled with multicolored balls that are slowly filling up.  You'll have a blast taking potshots at the wall of candy-colored bubbles and trying to keep them at bay before they are able to overcome you. You'll have to be fast, you'll have to be accurate, and you'll have to have fun in this fast-paced shooter game. Line up the colors and take your shot as you try to climb your way up the leader board. Oh boy if only you could just use your cannon to launch yourself to the top but that wouldn't be fair and that's, not how life works. You gotta work.


Use your mouse to click on the canon and aim it at the colored balls.

Candy Bubble Gameplay

Content RatingUnrated
Release DateOct 8, 2020

109520 plays


about 2 months ago

game glitches at level 62 and leaves me stuck at 96% because it won't drop the last bubbles down


4 months ago

...and I'm still here... stuck on level 583


5 months ago

I'm STILL stuck on level this the end of the game? Impossible to complete it???


5 months ago

I have been on level 583 for ever... is there a trick to get past it?


8 months ago

lvl 230... how in the world do you go around the ridiculous choco bubbles????????


12 months ago

i like

Big mac

over 1 year ago

I like playing this game. I wish it would save your games. Facebook took the game off and now I play it on addicting games but it keeps starting me back at the first game if I shut my tablet off.


almost 2 years ago

how to get the brown bubbles at level 90?


almost 2 years ago

I love game