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Game Description

Your Empire won't be built in a day. A good empire takes time and a good game gives you that time. Game Empire is a massively multiplayer online role-playing game where you will be able to spend months slowly building up your small village into a mighty empire! You'll have to make strategic offensive and defensive moves, you'll have to determine the correct battle tactics and use them against your enemies, and believe me: there will be a lot of enemies. Game Empire had thousands of players online from all over the world. All of them are trying to build up an empire, just like you. Some of them might be potential allies, trade partners you can negotiate with for your own mutual support. But most of them will be your bitter enemy. You will spend months at war, thousands of your troops will die, people will starve. Empires are like a meat grinder, you put in a healthy group of people and they get churned up and spit out: the carnage of empire.


Game Empire has a lot of in-game instructions which can be read and used to interact with the game state itself. You will use your mouse to browse and navigate different menus. These menus will be used to help you choose units, buy those units, and then upgrade those units. The units will be everything from farmers to peasants, to soldiers, as well as buildings. The buildings are libraries, stores, halls, barns, fortresses and barracks. You will also be able to build moats and a wall to help protect your humble, burgeoning empire.

Empire Gameplay

Content RatingTeen+
Release DateDec 19, 2013

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Mindnight gamer

over 1 year ago

I hate it


over 1 year ago

Good Game


over 1 year ago



over 2 years ago



over 2 years ago

good game


over 2 years ago

Nice Game


over 2 years ago

I love this game because you can customize things and ya it's just really fun

moody moody

almost 3 years ago

I love this game and I love it because its kind of like a tycoon game which if you have seen my other comments you know I love tycoons and I also like watching the progression of towns and citys


almost 3 years ago



almost 3 years ago