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Girl Games are a lot more than sugar, spice, and everything nice.

High School Band

Dress Me Up Clockwork Couture

Meet My Valentine

Cake Shop

Fired Up!

Dress Code 60s

Karaoke Dress Up

Charger Escape

Royal Bride Dress Up

Chibi Princess DressUp

Rihanna Dress Up

Sarah Palin DressUp

Naughty Summer Camp

Sally's Spa

Meow Meow DressUp

Private Pete

Fun in the Sun

Goodnight Kiss

Elegant Wedding

Naughty Supermarket

My Sweet 16 School Musical

Flying Furries

Gossip Hunt

Kiss Catcher

Dress My Pet

High School Cheerleader

Speed Dating

Dress to Rock

Woman on Top



Marilyn Monroe DressUp

Make Me Over

My Sweet 16 Photoshoot

Super Dress Up

Girl Dress Up Makeover

Girl Games Games


What are the most popular Girl Games Games?

  1. Goodnight Kiss
  2. Stylish Girl
  3. Speed Dating
  4. Hollywood StyleMaker
  5. Bieber Kisser
  6. Kiss Bieber
  7. The Boyfriend Trainer
  8. A Day at High School
  9. Cake Shop
  10. High School Cheerleader

What are the best Girl Games Games to play on phones?

  1. Smart Cupcake Stand
  2. Hidden Princess
  3. Flower Shopper
  4. Pizza Shop
  5. Enchanted Garden

What are Girl Games Games?

Girl Games are games for everyone who loves sparkles and pink! Don’t be scared to go glam and get serious about glitter. Girl Games are here and they’re not taking no for an answer. Our Girl Game selection is a sugary sweet mix of dress up games, cooking games, kissing games, and more! You’ll go gaga over the ability to dress up your favorite celebrities like Justin Bieber, Barack Obama, and Paris Hilton while sneaking in some secret kisses with the boy toy of your choice from a wide selection of our kissing games. Fulfill your deepest fantasies about fashion when you click on through our massive selection of dress up games. Each of our dress-up games have been hand-selected and custom made to form fit perfect any of the daydreams you might have like being a blushing bride, a club star, runway model or beach-ready babe.

But it's not all glamour and glitter, fashion and fame. Some of these girl games are fun enough for a boy but made for girls like you, they feature cute puzzles and pretty pink action scenes. Imagine bounding through the sky with your boyfriend like in Woman on Top or playing the part of she-ninja and cutting down an army of creeps in Bash Girl. Our Girl Games are made for everyone but adored the world over by girls. You can learn to dance with Fired Up or go on a fun cooking adventure with one of Sara’s many cooking class adventure games.

When you’re a girl every day is an adventure and everything you do is magic.