Endless Runner Games

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Endless runners are games are adventure platform games that can go on forever. Run through forests, cities, skies, and mountains and try to get as far as you can each time. You may be running away from monsters or you may need to avoid obstacles along the way as you run nowhere and everywhere in these exhilarating runner games.

Viking Run

Awesome Run

Fluffy Runner

Don't Touch the Lava

Sky Run

Mr Runner 2

Nightmare Runner

Yeti Sensation


Giant Hamster Run

Sumo Up

Don't Touch the Hooks

Funky Plane

Cheese Dash Ninja

Sir Bottomtight

Bunny Goes Boom!

Nyan Cat FLY!

Evil Robot Stole My Girlfriend Again


Fancy Pants Adventures World 3

Slaughterhouse Escape Deluxe

Dragon Dash

Slice The Candy

Run Bird Run


Electrocution Ed


Hanger 2 Endless Level Pack


Crystal Runner

Run 2 Live

Effing Worms

JumpIt 2: Dockyard Run

Coal Runner

Ski Runner 2


Endless Runner Games


What are the most popular Endless Runner Games?

  1. Effing Worms
  2. Endless Roller
  3. Traffic Racer 3D
  4. Endless Truck
  5. Nyan Cat FLY!
  6. Roll Rush Extreme
  7. Line Color
  8. Fancy Pants Adventure 2
  9. Jump Monkey
  10. Fancy Pants Adventure

What are the best Endless Runner Games to play on phones?

  1. Soldiers Fury
  2. Triangle Way
  3. ZZZ Snake
  4. Santa Run
  5. Endless Truck

What are Endless Runner Games?

Endless Runner games are thematic races that never end. In an Endless Runner Game, you gain points and ultimately win by simply lasting as long as you can, running as far as you can go, and avoiding obstacles, pits, traps, and enemies along the way. If you want to see yourself jogging up the leader board you'll need forsight, tactics and a little luck. The theme of an endless runner game isn't specific to the genre. For example there are games like Dino Run where you have to escape the gaping maw of a vicious Tyranosaurus Rex, but there is also Nightmare Runner, which is a Lovecraftian horror show.  The genre is best known for games like Temple Quest, but we think you'll enjoy all of the endless runner games in our catalog.