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Rotate the device into portrait mode to play this game.

Stair Jump



Game Description

Stair Jump is a fun clicker game where your goal is to climb up the stairs. Climb up the stars? Sounds simple, right? It would be if there weren't so many darn obstacles in the way. There are spikes and moving blocks that are making things difficult for you. Look for the stairs with the blue arrow facing down to give you a power-up in your jump. Collect as many stars as you can while avoiding falling down the stairs or landing on a spike. Your score is dependent on the number of stars you collect, not the number of stairs you climb. Stars can be far in between but the faster you go the more you can collect. Select the trophy icon to view where you rank on the leaderboards and see if you can beat all of your AddictingGames friends. If you’re not much for competition against others, then focus on your own best score and try to beat it every time you play. 


To play this clicker game, click on the screen every time you want to make your ball move forward. The ball will fall regardless if you click on the screen but you can make it go further with each click.

Stair Jump Gameplay

Content RatingAll Ages
Release DateMar 26, 2020

24627 plays


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