Tower Boxer



Game Description

Tower Boxer is an action game where you get to destroy a building. This tall building needs to be demolished, and it is your job to bring it down. Careful not to hit your head on any of the ledges though! Each game is timed, but you earn more seconds the faster you go. Switch out your character with another professional demolisher. Who is certified to demolish buildings? You can be a ninja, a space robot, a wolverine mutant, or a pro-boxer. No matter the building, these professionals can get the job done. Your score is automatically submitted, and you can view both your recent and best score at the end of a game. Play, again and again, to try to beat your best score every time while you rise up the leaderboards. 


To play this action game, click on the right or left side of the screen to switch over your character to the other side of the building. Alternatively, if you are on a computer, you can use the arrow keys from your keyboard. Do not run into a ledge or you lose the game. Switch quickly so you also do not run out of time. The red bar at the top of the game lets you know how much time you have left.

Tower Boxer Gameplay

Content RatingAll Ages
Release DateAug 5, 2021

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over 1 year ago

Very clever; and actually requires the same sense of rhythm real life boxing does. One of the most intriguing games I’ve come across so far on this platform. Seems pointless at first, until you realise your speed impacts the timer. High score list has some creative names and word play (as of November 2021) which is always good for a chuckle. First game to give me sore fingers. -{[[ Pro Tip: ]]}- double-tap with two fingers for rapid speed (e.g. pointer finger and middle finger of same hand)


over 1 year ago

I'm loving the app. Just being able to download one app. And have a whole bunch of games to play. Totally awesome


almost 2 years ago

my high-score is 315, whats urs?