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Road Fury



Game Description

Roady Fury is a fast and furious race and wreck game. You have a laser blaster with a never ending supply of blasts. Use it wisely to destroy the  slow moving, boring, and frankly annoying people who are clogging up the highway. Doesn't it make you mad to be stuck in traffic? Doesn't it anger that these slow moving cars are just forever in the way? Aren't you just furious? Well, are you furious enough to turn your laser blaseronto auto and go nuts on the highway? Just zoom through the lanes of traffic, taking out the trucks, tankers, and SUV's as they slowly chug along. It's an intense ride through the hot desert. Collect cash from the cars as they explode and use it to power up! Long term your whole mission is to blast these people into oblivion and geet rich doing it --just like in real life. So, get started now! 


Road Fury is a simple game for complicated people. Your laser blaster is always going to be set to auto-fire. This means all you have to do is navigate left or right and avoid the slow-moving chugs you haven't yet been able to destroy. You destroy them by navigating behind them and letting your automatic laser blaster just do its thing! Embrace the fury of the road, embrace the road of fury!

Road Fury Gameplay

Content RatingUnrated
Release DateMay 15, 2019

28645 plays


over 2 years ago