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Zombie Typocalypse
AddictingGames and Freaky Tiki
Why do these Zombies keep attacking the Earth? And why do you have such bad aim? Good thing the Zombies are blathering on about stupid things - you should use that, and your supreme typing skills, to target 'em! Type those Zombies to Death!
TEEN+   (more info)
Type Words to Kill Zombies Buy Upgrades to Kill Zombies Faster
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257 Reviews
Dudemcmann346 (over a month ago)
not garbage
DeathToEmAll (over a month ago)
I wonder who typed without looking down and who typed while staring at keyboard... I did most of it without looking down, but towards the end i had to glance down a couple of times. good game to learn how to type faster though.
wiz khalifa7 (over a month ago)
fast typer right here
Smileys311 (over a month ago)
kinda hard at the end
Smileys311 (over a month ago)
pretty fun if don't type k a snail! :P
LaVidaLocaWay (over a month ago)
good game to play, if you wanna learn how to type faster!
GANGUM STYLE (over a month ago)
I guess its alright
SoulTheUnicorn (over a month ago)
I beat easy and medium without dying :D medium was pretty hard at teh end O_O
tanner483 (over a month ago)
its ok
cool one321 (over a month ago)
its pretty fun