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Our zombie games are seriously addicting, whether you're pulling the trigger in Dead Zed 2, trying to survive in 13 Days in Hell, or role-playing a zombie yourself in Dead Zed 2. Serious undead action coming at you in terrifying waves from all directions!
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Zombie Squirrel Attack
Not only are they squirrels and undead, but they’re armed to their cute bucked teeth.
TEEN CAUTION       (more info)
MOUSE to aim and shoot. SPACE to take cover. R to reload.
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71 Reviews
Thaddian (over a month ago)
This is a really old game and was pretty hard when I was a kid. If you hate this game because it's boring, then it's because you're a prepubescent kid who doesn't know any classic games. I mean, what do you expect from a 2005 flash game?
rangerkelvin (over a month ago)
beat it hard though
red_ninja (over a month ago)
boring and lame
sserules32 (over a month ago)
if you hate this game because it is hard your a loser.
krazykurt1 (over a month ago)
sick one good game!!!!!!
AgentNova (over a month ago)
P_P mean this is epic btw
xboxplayer4561 (over a month ago)
if u lilke this game ur a idot
xboxplayer4561 (over a month ago)
stupid and lame and boring and hard squrls cant not hold guns and zombies cant hold gunsand hate that stupid boss at the end
pitboss13452 (over a month ago)
roks if u like killlin things
ReXtErEz7777 (over a month ago)
i hate this game because it is hard!