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Our zombie games are seriously addicting, whether you're pulling the trigger in Dead Zed 2, trying to survive in 13 Days in Hell, or role-playing a zombie yourself in Dead Zed 2. Serious undead action coming at you in terrifying waves from all directions!
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Zombie Infestation: Strain 116
Flash Game Rookie
A zombie hunter is never out of work, huh? A huge underground complex is swarming with zombies. Some of them are extremely dangerous. Fortunately, powerups and big fat guns abound. FTW!
TEEN CAUTION       (more info)
WASD or arrow keys to move; Shift to run; mouse to aim and fire; 1-5 to switch weapon; R to reload; Spacebar to open doors and pick up items; X = medkit; C = armorkit; M = minimap; P = pause
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Bloody Gross
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226 Reviews
aquamop15 (over a month ago)
It's a pretty tension filled game. It has the vibes of the earlier titles of the Resident Evil franchise. I would/will continue to play this.
TrollZor1225 (over a month ago)
Smileys311 (over a month ago)
Um last time I checked zombies didn't come from outerspace so this game is sort of a bummer.... terrible graphics.
xboxgamers (over a month ago)
i like it
hayden2000 (over a month ago)
not that good
jla777 (over a month ago)
i love pancakes (over a month ago)
worst game EVER CALL 911 bad game killed having fun :(
Lazzybug (over a month ago)
i like it
doorsfan58 (over a month ago)
Boo! Horrible graphics and gameplay!
Xx2cool4UxX (over a month ago)
why is it so far away from te screen