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They Took Her!
Jay Armstrong / Chris Jeff
The town is full of zombies, and the bomb goes off in a minute. Good thing everyone is safe in the shelter, right? Everybody except your daughter! Oh to the Noes! Sixty seconds to find a weapon, solve the clues, and rescue yer kiddo!
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Arrow keys to move; Spacebar to interact; Z to shoot
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Total AG Ratings: 131

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89 Reviews
oCxPHOENIX (over a month ago)
it says z is to shoot but it wont work
memow555 (over a month ago)
Once you know what to do its really easy
ViRuSvOG (over a month ago)
how do u shoot
sonicpickle888 (over a month ago)
you get 1 minute!?
kool4catz21 (over a month ago)
Pretty good game! True it is pretty short. =D
poogar (over a month ago)
good story way to short though
bluetaylor10 (over a month ago)
I wish it wasnt so short
payday123 (over a month ago)
Easy creative game and its just too short that's all :D
TitanicDragon (over a month ago)
Very cool.
John doe 007 (over a month ago)
Great game but does he know the mayor wants his daughter dead? Way to short How to win just run straight. Go straight into the building in front of you. Go to the gun area to your left. shoot zombie get gold thingy. Outside of the building go to your left. Kill all of the zombies. Collect the other gold thingy on the table. Leave run back to shelter from there, run to your right. Go across the board and shoot the zombie. Open chest take items, go back to shelter go to first building, kill zombies while in the process of putting out fire and open the closet. leave and then go to shelter.