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Santa Xmas Nightmare
Ultimate Flash Game Archive
After a tragic accident, Santa finds himself fending off the undead. Well, now we KNOW who really is naughty! Deliver some Xmas pain to those who threaten your reindeer!
TEEN CAUTION       (more info)
WASD to move; mouse to aim and fire; R to reload
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1,289 Reviews
BonBonLover (over a month ago)
fun but can get boring after a while. It's good for what it is and some people are taking it way too seriously! XD
thatonegamer21 (over a month ago)
you know i expected more from this game,instead of almost every shooting flash game that i played
AcNTrigger (over a month ago)
this game is stupid
koske (over a month ago)
i dont like this game and anyway santa woude never do this
nightcoregod420 (over a month ago)
this game is like s.a.s but chtmas
BattlefieldHardline (over a month ago)
i dont like it
BattlefieldHardline (over a month ago)
Dont like it i bought a gun then a thing pop up and took me to something else i didn't have any of my guns ):
Over Lord Dark fire (over a month ago)
But still to laggy
Over Lord Dark fire (over a month ago)
This one is better than the 2nd one.
chloepotato (over a month ago)
its so fun and if you want to save the game when you go onto the guns there should see a big box that says SAVE GAME!!!!!!!!