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Quarantine Defender
Something is horribly wrong with these people, and we can't let them infect the city. Keep the crowd at bay with gunfire and airstrikes.
TEEN CAUTION       (more info)
Mouse to aim and fire; Spacebar for Reload; C for Airstrike
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566 Reviews
shadow138 (over a month ago)
good game
ell96 (over a month ago)
This game is too underrated (It's supposed to be hard)
haha78 (over a month ago)
hey all I am new
haha78 (over a month ago)
it is the best.It is a masacre on the people KEEP THE HELL OUT it is the freaking best. why dont you guys like it is rules.
willieakaguy (over a month ago)
thts funny how the run into the wall i actuly kinda lik this game not to bad
carterguidebeckyahoo.com (over a month ago)
rertared game
raynedx333 (over a month ago)
ok wtf is this is sux and its stupid
tbmiscool175 (over a month ago)
hate it
gamer4L3fe (over a month ago)
I don't know why everyone is saying this game is hard. it's pretty easy. although i would have the gun a bit more accurate for how small the people are, and yea the upgrading does take a considerably long amount of time. but other than that it's a pretty good start for a game. i give it a 7/10!
domonic111 (over a month ago)
4/10 Graphics wise, Upgrading's too easy, but on heck of entertainment. Not my favorate but i like it!