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Palisade Guardian 3
Erebos Games
In the year 2050, giant bug things have invaded. Your only chance for survival is to make it from NYC to Miami, fighting through hordes of bugs all the way. Use powerups carefully, and take advantage of every extra bit of technology you get your hands on. Failure is not an option!
ALL AGES   (more info)
mouse to aim and fire; spacebar to view through gunsight; num keys to switch weapons
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Hard War
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Total AG Ratings: 758

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573 Reviews
Penguinsarethebest (over a month ago)
This is an excellent game and I really like it, but level 20 is so hard!
killer757 (over a month ago)
i got all the wepons and completid all the maps and its cool YEA dus aneone agry
killer cs2d player (over a month ago)
i think... its good! i got all the weapons and i'm on a map named mount airy and all in one day!
ayyy lmao (over a month ago)
Dank comment below....Ayyyy lmao
ayyy lmao (over a month ago)
FaZe r8 8/8 m8 much faze memes ayy lmao
Conrawr (over a month ago)
u click the power up to use it
Truong85 (over a month ago)
How to use power up please help me
Dean Winchester464 (over a month ago)
Awesome Game!
Goodgamesforyoutube (over a month ago)
NishadAwasthy (over a month ago)
oh, this is that game that all those nightmares came from