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Nuclear Plant
PPllaayy Games
The earth you remember is dead. No trees, no oxygen, only hideous mutant creatures bent on eating the flesh off your bones. Nuts to that! Earn skills in the laboratory to increase your chance of survival. Purchase badder firepower in the store. Grow the last plant on earth and replenish the oxygen supply on your planet. In your spare time, blast mutants and avoid becoming lunch!
ALL AGES   (more info)
AWD/arrow keys to move; S/down arrow for actions; mouse to aim and fire
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Hard Random Scary
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Total AG Ratings: 52

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43 Reviews
awsomeman331 (over a month ago)
ok nice game
logan8231 (over a month ago)
beat it
THE steven universe superfan (over a month ago)
Never mind i hate this game
THE steven universe superfan (over a month ago)
Can't get passed level five (I wish there was an in-between button)
wtfboom69 (over a month ago)
love it! is there a happy ending though? :(
yoshi24071 (over a month ago)
cool game
THE steven universe superfan (over a month ago)
I SHALL SAVE THE WORLD this is a really good game
Canislupis0813 (over a month ago)
3 days and no happy ending? garbage
bepelham (over a month ago)
dark spine shadow (over a month ago)
A new survivor game nice