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Horror Hospital Escape
Shattered Games
Trapped in a padded cell! But you're not crazy...are you? Fortunately, there is a loose scalpel in your room, and that is your first step to getting out. Of course, this joint is loaded with ghosts. And every toilet contains a delightful surprise.
TEEN+   (more info)
mouse to explore and escape
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Escape Gross Scary
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282 Reviews
vtadlock81 (over a month ago)
i hate this game but im still giving it a good review cause i told my friends to try it and they are like this thing is stupid and i just dyed laughing
phil70 (over a month ago)
The games in the Addicting Games series are good, but the game play is SERIOUSLY hampered by the constant page resetting from the ads. It took 8 minutes just to type this. It keeps locking up BIG TIME and it ain't my pc -- it is the AD POPUPS.. Do something
ScrubLordIsBack (over a month ago)
I i,m stuck I got a saw with no blade and a pointer
flabbster (over a month ago)
I can't stand this type of game.
JoliePandagirl (over a month ago)
This game is boring. the elevator code is on the back of the metal lighter. If you don't know where the lighter is, it's in the toilet in room 201. You're welcome.
highxp pro (over a month ago)
what is the elevator code
PuppetSong (over a month ago)
You got me with the first jumpscare. Good job. XD
Coreoflore (over a month ago)
Mildly scary, and yea the first jumpscare got me XD
justinbieber257 (over a month ago)
this game is so boring
JAANSHER40 (over a month ago)
ok heads up yoh