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Highway of the Dead
Zombies are blocking your path on the freeway, so you know what to do: FLOOR IT. In Highway of the Dead, splatter undead peds across your hood to get loot, upgrade vehicles and fight deadheads with a leadfoot. Road rage on some walkers.
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98 Reviews
dastardly shrimp (over a month ago)
unbearably laggy,
RIGBONE2311 (over a month ago)
The graphics are pretty good. But it's just a rip off of Road of the Dead. The controls and graphics are about the only good thing. But other than that the game isn't very good in my opinion.
13gokulgk (over a month ago)
great game but have some problems
william235 (over a month ago)
diamond110 (over a month ago)
This game is trash I kept sliding off the road and the game lagged.
AlisterFO4 (over a month ago)
im sorry but its rubbish i kept on sliding off the road and lagged
roy152 (over a month ago)
thespoter56 (over a month ago)
love the game
mr king sandman show off (over a month ago)
looks like the graphics from lollipop chainsaw
monkeygames080 (over a month ago)
i really like it