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Bloody Sunset
Velimir Gajski
Once again, sundown brings out the freaky undead. Protect your humble home with an awesome arsenal of weapons and specialists. Zombie Go Die NOW.
TEEN CAUTION       (more info)
Mouse to aim and fire
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1,731 Reviews
Penguinsarethebest (over a month ago)
Awesome game!
Xerxes_Dreyar (over a month ago)
I normally do not play web game and when I do its because I got bored of steam. now web games cant really stand up to steam, but this one was actually of pretty good entertainment and I decided to stay and play it. although the only downside was not enough waves it was rather fun other then that.
rshillquill21 (over a month ago)
it was okay but next time i would like less lag and less zombies
Koalasarenotbears (over a month ago)
Fun game, I got to the end, wasn't easy, but I still got the job done.
iLove5SOS (over a month ago)
so fun!!!
seeth (over a month ago)
I love the game, but i dont like the way zombies come non stop.
Kirbyfire73 (over a month ago)
It's a pretty fun game the only down side of it is that it lags WAY to much! It would be better if the creators of the game would make less lagged death animations. I'm sitting at the start menu doing absolutely nothing and it took almost 10 minutes to load the entire text that I typed!!!
creeperboss (over a month ago)
too hard
123538 (over a month ago)
its stolen from another game with stickmans witch i cant find anymore but im still trying cu i loved that game this 1 is just stolen from that game
jamesdhirajkhadka (over a month ago)
nice game ever