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World Wars 2 Game Information

World Wars 2
AddictingGames and Freaky Tiki
It's not over yet, soldiers! Another mess of maps to conquer. Choose how many armies you want to defeat at once, and prepare for battle, baby!
TEEN+   (more info)
Mouse to wage war
Strategy Games
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Total AG Ratings: 4,169

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2,190 Reviews
hatethisgamealot (2 days ago)

total waste of time, game it unplayable...bots are overpowered and always get the artillery and airstrike cards to hit you while you get rubbish cards that dont work well

blaggard (6 days ago)

the game is a waste of internet space. the bots are overpowered and the american sides seem to get priority on the rolling (of course...typical propaganda from american programmers)

ragingrage (8 days ago)

game is annoying to play, WAAAYYY too many special powers and bots use powers on human player more than each other.... game is garbage, unplayable and worthless

idodru74 (over a month ago)

this is not a strategy game, especially in Europe map it is a pure luck game. 1)there are too much air ride cards, 2 would be enough (i got destroied in a round because everybody bombed my territories. 2)You can only win from Russia. France is a weak territory starting from the west: linking with 4 you find often slit in two. 3)Reinforcement should go near the enemies, not the contrary. Why the computer sets all my troops in Portugal (just to get bombed and face enemies with 2 or 3 for all the g... more >>

soxplayer22 (over a month ago)

the retreat card works... it gives you more troops at the end of your next turn, say you have four, and you get two retreated troops, you would then receive 6 instead of 4.

HausOfKlaus (over a month ago)

Ok - since the developers occasionally read these reviews - #1 The skip button doesn't work. Make it an option for the whole game instead of something you have to press repeatedly, or get rid of it. #2 You should be able to move troops around at the your turn. #3 The retreat card is useless. If the escaped troops showed up in one of your other territories, great, but since they don't, the card essentially does nothing. and finally, #4 Bonus troops at the end of your turn should go to the te... more >>

Albert800 (over a month ago)

Good old fashion fun game, for faster turns...try SKIPPING the turns.

TheGamerArnold (over a month ago)

i like this game

killa20280 (over a month ago)

it was okay

Dor_ (over a month ago)

Better graphics than dice wars but too slow. 1st WWs was too slow. never got into it. when i saw a second version i had hope. same problem. can barely get through 1 game. 2/3 the time waiting for AI to do their turns on other side of map. You have to wait for each card played. you cant auto skip dice for your own battles and have to press skip every time. I LOVE the addition of cards but would rather play dice wars.

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