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World Wars 2 Game Information

World Wars 2
AddictingGames and Freaky Tiki
It's not over yet, soldiers! Another mess of maps to conquer. Choose how many armies you want to defeat at once, and prepare for battle, baby!
TEEN+   (more info)
Mouse to wage war
Strategy Games
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Total AG Ratings: 4,191

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2,213 Reviews
takethisgameoffthenet (9 hours ago)

this game is a magical pile of bullshyt the game is so biased in favor of the computer that the pc gets a 4:1 better chance of winning even when outnumbered the rolls go in pc's favor and the pc ALWAYS gets attack cards like artillery and airstrikes while players get nearly always useless defense cards this game is more shyt than what a field of cows makes in a year

voiceoftruth (12 hours ago)

game s ucks bots are WAYYYY too overpowered to make the game worth playing remove this cancerous garbage from the internet

366211 (1 day ago)

it is good but how do u get to the other side

heretorageatyou (2 days ago)

nice how the site mods keep trying to play speech police and filter off as many negative comments as they can not like the constitution means much to some people right?

Brooster77 (9 days ago)

The game is completely fair to every player, so you aren't going to gain the advantage most of the time. Its one of the few games where the computers aren't stupid.

endlossung (13 days ago)

what the fock do they call this shyt as soon as the computer opponents start losing they immediately become twice as powerful and even team up against the human layer fock this game

truthbetoldtoyou (13 days ago)

this game is designed to rain s--t all over the human player how the actual f--k this pile of s--t got a 70% rating shows how f--king stupid flashgamers are

vojvodina (14 days ago)

seriously fock this game its seriously biased towards a computer victory you know a game is bull when the bots start losing they suddenly become twice as powerful to fight back

stalinovski (14 days ago)

i wish hit ler had been able to finish his work then we wouldnt have filth like this games programmer wiping his butt on the internet and passing it off as a game

Zinnler (14 days ago)

i demand to know the name of the programmer this game is such utter **** he deserves his teeth knocked in for daring to put it on the internet

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