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Shadow Kings: Dark Ages Game Information

Shadow Kings: Dark Ages
Goodgame Studios
Are you ready to face the dark forces of the shadows? Build your city, raise a mighty army and go to battle against savage creatures of darkness! Fight side by side with dwarves and elves against orcs, trolls and goblins. Use the influence of alliances and diplomatic skill to prevail over greedy city lords. Defend your city and increase your power in the kingdom. The time has come to vanquish evil once and for all!
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47 Reviews
jeffrin (over a month ago)

you must be wait you guy just unlike this game because waiting so long.Idiot

Tuxan101 (over a month ago)


gamester999 (over a month ago)

Some of the employees at GoodGame Studio actually play and "regulate" the game and players. So, you are technically playing against people who work on the game (if you can call that hacks or cheats). They have multiple accounts to make the game look fuller and have "real" players have more people to play with and also have people spend some real cash to buy advantages in the game (so the game company can make money).

besster (over a month ago)

too many cheats and hacks in the game. no support from game developers to keep games fair. not worth playing. only a handful of people play actually with NUMEROUS multiple accounts. waste of time.

lakebottom (over a month ago)

the people who like it only like it cause its like clash of clans, it's more like empire

classofclansisawesome2424 (over a month ago)


sushi_yumyum (over a month ago)

is it the computer ir the game cause its NOT FREAKING LOADING! -_-

redwolf5102 (over a month ago)

like it it like clash of clans a lil.

cool235 (over a month ago)

this game is plain stupid

breezerz (over a month ago)

Coc is much better