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Orc Siege
An acoustic guitar carries you through this role playing game of orcs and swords. You're not exactly the sword, but you've got one and you can use it. Show those uglies who’s boss.
TEEN+   (more info)
See game for instructions
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Bloody Fighting
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Total AG Ratings: 222

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118 Reviews
GinoVernacelli (over a month ago)
Definitely rough around the edges, but all things considered this is a well thought out game. Attacks, skills, and attributes are on the expensive side, but this game was definitely entertaining
1littlebig (over a month ago)
wow this is 1 of the boring games
tyler541 (over a month ago)
wtf that game is so stupid.
Gaby550 (over a month ago)
Hmm I don't like it :S!
Apaylo (over a month ago)
its bad
unreal426 (over a month ago)
that was fun :) a little hard though. if you agree then add me :D
Killerdoug54321 (over a month ago)
Not fun
mmmillerlight98 (over a month ago)
what was that
ipownnoobsonTheinternet (over a month ago)
easy game but i like it ask me about 8/10
TheRichard3458 (over a month ago)
pretty cool