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Monsters Den
Biclops Games
Did someone say they wanted an adventure? Join me, Link, the strongest of humans...I mean Monsters Den!
TEEN+   (more info)
Mouse control; build a team and move through the rooms
Strategy Games
2,225,941   (1,711 today)

Total AG Ratings: 2,420

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1,725 Reviews
PoisonShallEvanesce (over a month ago)
There is a surprising amount of content for a mere flash game, and it is very fun to try out new combos and classes. The main drawback for me is that eventually it does become repetitive if you just keep going after the game is over. The scrolls that transport you to the store should also be a bit more common, as well as giving us an means of expanding backpack capacity. I also wish there was a means to increase the number of allotted hot-keyed abilities. It is still very fun for anyone who likes RPGs, though; and I would love to see this turned into a full-fledged release title if it has not already.
AsaysAlliNN (over a month ago)
I like the game but After playing I have come too realise theres no point in hoping to win!? Impossible Period.
AsaysAlliNN (over a month ago)
Improved with an Archer healing Warrior Cleric on the front, hope fer speed. That fire dude reminds me of the BelRog from Moria
AsaysAlliNN (over a month ago)
LoL I reached Level 9 but there is no EXIT to the next level. Used all scrolls of deception. If I could at least use spells to revive before battle I would at least be able to fight the last two battles. However all I can do now is lose all items.
22jlatta (over a month ago)
your right!dang!
22jlatta (over a month ago)
this is the best!
dannysaur (over a month ago)
its funny if you leave the name blank. It says anonymous things like "unleashes a hail of arrows!" and "shoots!" instead of things like "Guardian uses Impact!"
dannysaur (over a month ago)
My rogue is my tank :)
dannysaur (over a month ago)
this game should have an online feature so 4 people can each be their own different characters
meromody2000 (over a month ago)
good game