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Lemonade World Game Information

Lemonade World
Goddard Games
Bwaah! Bwaah! Bwaaaaaah. Bwaaah, bwaah, bwaah!!!!

Translation: Grow trees and harvest ice. So you can sell more lemonade! Lemonade taste sooo good! It's my new favorite thing behind chickens and plungers!!!
ALL AGES   (more info)
mouse control
Strategy Games
Cute Tycoon
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Total AG Ratings: 17,996

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11,873 Reviews
Jackisawesome777 (3 days ago)

Just needs more days

runemaster22 (over a month ago)

this game needs a little more fun to it. if you know what i mean.

CHITTACHITTA (over a month ago)

I love it i don't know why but i do

moonstarfire (over a month ago)

it boring

allid2412 (over a month ago)

I like this game, but recently something is wrong with it. Can't pick the lemons and when I use the ice pick it send them to the basket but it doesn't register that I have any. I want to play again, but it's impossible like this.. Sorry, but thumbs down until its fixed..

joe1525 (over a month ago)

last day i b like i got 5$ lemonade 48suger 30lemons and 14ice load of people bought it do so they stupid

HANNAHELISE (over a month ago)

this is a good game for people that don't want to be rushed or have a lot happen at once.

Pencilfox951 (over a month ago)

Love it, simple and fun! Here is a tip, if the temperature changes keep adding and subtracting ice cubes to your recipe, if two people start buying stop changing. If people stop buying, start changing! Also when you add more ice cubes but noone buys them, try adding more lemons and sugar: for flavour.

Layla5432 (over a month ago)

The game is not to complicated but not to simple LOVE!

QualityMeme69 (over a month ago)

I remember this being pretty good. It still is. Nice game.