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Kingdom Rush Frontiers Game Information

Kingdom Rush Frontiers
Ironhide Game Studio
Kingdom Rush: Frontiers is the all-new, all-epic sequel to the classic tower-defense game Kingdom Rush. "Why didn't they just call it Kingdom Rush 2," you ask? When you design one of the coolest strategy games ever, you can call it whatever you want.
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Fighting Hard Tower Defense
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206 Reviews
TanteErna (1 day ago)

The game itself is great, certainly one of the best of the genre. But the login system is just broken. I have tried various setups and settings, re-downloading the 60 MB for like 50 times now, but to no avail. The game just doesn't recognize my login. Thus I can't save progress, have to start over from the beginning each time. :-(

awesome adam ken (3 days ago)

awesome awesome awesome!!!

brandonmiller1820 (4 days ago)

agree with anonymous....there were so many ads live-streaming right next to the game that I lagged so hard I couldn't even play the game after a couple looks fun but I guess I'll never know...thanks for nothing kia ads

amusinu (11 days ago)


Anonymous1776 (18 days ago)

big fan of the first game, I just started this game and instantly noticed the amount of ads. I beat the first round and after when I click on the icon to upgrade my buildings it lacks out the game screen and just plays the audio to the same dragon/vampire game they are promoting... the game doesn't work beyond the first round...

Rendig (22 days ago)

Ads after every stage and it completely locks me out of continuing the game. Nope, I will pass.

bbmkastan (over a month ago)

great game

TheEvilOne2 (over a month ago)

Only problem is how long it takes to load

Leg3ndwolf04 (over a month ago)

Man I had waited so long for a sequel and it is sure as hell amazing

KidYouaFool (over a month ago)

Wicked fun when youre passing time or just chilln