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Galactic Colonization
Karbon Games
Dominate planets by invading them! Send your battle fleets to compete with a vicious AI in a war for ultimate control!
ALL AGES   (more info)
mouse control
Strategy Games
Tycoon War
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Total AG Ratings: 1,497

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822 Reviews
triphi (over a month ago)
Great little game!!!!!!
kaitlin06 (over a month ago)
This game is a peice of trash
wehrmacht1939 (over a month ago)
let the enemy a planet and wait. time generate cash.
honorarius (over a month ago)
Buggy as hell... Can't buy any of the planet upgrades other than forcefield... Fix your game...
JRF8 (over a month ago)
I don't know why but apparently the only planet upgrade possible now is the shields. Please fix this! Other than that, great game
John_Galt (over a month ago)
I see a lot of people talking about how hard the game is; very very simple solution; take all of the planets on the 1st level, wait, rack up enough points to buy all of the upgrades early on. Upgrades for your ships continue throughout the game. You can do this in the 1st or 2nd level. Once you have all the upgrades, then the game truly becomes about strategy, especially in the last 3 levels.
KewlMum (over a month ago)
If this game was possible, I would probably love it.
Dor_ (over a month ago)
I admit i only played 5 minutes. looking for hotkeys - appears there are none (just deselect, which happens everytime you send). cant select multiple planets. cant drag select. cant send all. must click attacker then click defender, for every wave sent. tell me im wrong. Good luck on version 2.
HeyThingyMagigy (over a month ago)
I usually like hard games, but not when it's 100% impossible.
lowbeem (over a month ago)
way too hard, can't even get past 1st level.