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Game Information

Elite Forces: Clone Wars
Elite Games
Carefully distribute your clone warriors to capture enemy territory. FTW!
TEEN+   (more info)
Mouse control; see in-game instructions
Strategy Games
3,495,021   (502 today)

Total AG Ratings: 3,244

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1,519 Reviews
atlanticwarrior (over a month ago)
not even clones
Dor_ (over a month ago)
Totally managable interface, and that's what counts. I played through at least twice. speed runs. 2 gripes: (1)there's no send all option, so lots of repeat clicking. (2) End of level screen pops up so fast and i always click the banner in it on accident (opening a new tab). Great Work! I'm saving this game in my favorites collection.
MEEECHUMWHODAT (over a month ago)
its s***
MnlopExpress (over a month ago)
XGamer4X (over a month ago)
Not bad game...
LoLKaTsWiThGuNs (over a month ago)
BoRiNg GaMe!!!!!! :{
sonofsparda123 (over a month ago)
eh,i like its!i mean its pretty cool withspecial building feature.i also like how many of the clones were killed during da battle
XxX_BeAsT_XxX (over a month ago)
umm its pretty boring
slimbiscuit8 (over a month ago)
21jnort (over a month ago)
what do you do