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Wootra Games
Supernatural beings are everywhere, but you need special equipment to see them! Shine your ectotronic beam onto glowing orbs and specters. Time your beam carefully to capture these mysterious beings. The city is crawling with ectoforms. How many can you capture before daylight? Many areas to clear, including a space station!
TEEN+   (more info)
mouse to aim; release to capture.
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63 Reviews
10Snipershot (over a month ago)
Entered for Flash Trash. (HI Mah-Dry, if your seeing this :) )
FcDivine (over a month ago)
Beat the whole game 100% on every level ant 100% the bonus level too. All in 39 days, sort of challenging. But still pretty easy. I like the feel of it though.
48awesome (over a month ago)
scream4591 (over a month ago)
i like it
theo1010 (over a month ago)
wow i would like to meet the people who made this....MORONS
shep31000 (over a month ago)
ryan377638 (over a month ago)
RbMasterR (over a month ago)
Sorry, just not that entertaining :-\ And simply because it involves ghosts shouldn't classify a game as scary. Scary games should make you jump or tense up at intense moments at least
zombafier (over a month ago)
really boring
warhamer40k (over a month ago)