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Game Information

Dwarf Village
Start with turnip seeds. Then farm like crazy! Eventually, you can upgrade to cucumbers, chickens, horses and melons!
ALL AGES   (more info)
mouse control; see in-game instructions
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Cute Tycoon
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Total AG Ratings: 941

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499 Reviews
johnx000 (over a month ago)
Great game but how do you buy a horse.
RAGGAMUFFIN65 (over a month ago)
its a good game but kinda slow... it also needs other ways to make money and new things to do... also, i think it needs a ways to make it full screen. also... if you could customize your character to be a girl or a boy and you could own a shop, that would be cool. if you can fix those up in order, i will play more often... thank you people who created it.
FlannelPadding (over a month ago)
If you look down VVV It shows an account called riteon10 and HomerJToo. Those were all past accounts when I thought that this game ruled all. 6 years later I still like it, but it's not the best :)
Mycatischarly (over a month ago)
how do you buy a horse
prettygirld483 (over a month ago)
i just found this game and love it!!!!!
Yoshi1593 (over a month ago)
I love this games i've played it for years
bayin (over a month ago)
:) yeay
HomerJToo01 (over a month ago)
Anwen Darling (over a month ago)
Adorable game!
flarearah1 (over a month ago)
cool game