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Deeper Sleep Game Information

Deeper Sleep
Have you ever had that nightmare where you think you're falling off your bed and you wake up screaming louder than a baby piglet in a haunted house? Yeah, us neither. Deeper Sleep is a dreamy escape game that takes you through one late night at the library. It might be a dream, it might be real, but it's definitely more fun than explaining to your parents why you wet the bed.
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73 Reviews
frankieschade (over a month ago)

i love it. But im stuck..

CLAPCLAP_KITTYCAT (over a month ago)

really scary

CIN1932 (over a month ago)

When they label it scary sometimes I am like why? But this game gave me the creeps! so glad it's only 6:03 PM

wolves8989 (over a month ago)

if you like this game play calm time

XxawesomeguyxX (over a month ago)

AWESOME!!!! you guys need to play deep sleep (the 1st)

Claudometra72 (over a month ago)

Hey guys, for does who want to play the second part of deep sleep, search for deep sleep part two, then the only thing you have to do is play.

Claudometra72 (over a month ago)

The game is a adventure, and It gave me chills, its a really fun game, the music is cool, I recommend it, play it!

LPfor3v3r (over a month ago)

I think this may be the best escape game I've played on here... This game is so...suspenseful! I loved every bit of it, although I must say, it was pretty short. I hope the next part is coming soon! (Also, WEAR THE HEADPHONES AND PLAY IN A DARK AREA!!! It adds so much to the game and makes you feel like you're really a part of it. I played like that, and I definitely got a couple of chills down my spine.) CAN'T WAIT FOR THE NEXT PART!!!

mynameisash123 (over a month ago)

this game scared me so badly i recomend it if you want a good scare

typo180 (over a month ago)

good but half way through it reset :(