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Day D Tower Rush Game Information

Day D Tower Rush
You tripped into history, or to be precise – you fell straight into the past. Your mission is to protect your time machine. Build crossbow towers to attack fast-ah-saurs, constantly appearing and running to your base. Gather resources to buy upgrades. Science versus ancient creatures, who will win?
ALL AGES   (more info)
Mouse controls
Strategy Games
High Scores Random Tower Defense War
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Total AG Ratings: 17

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10 Reviews
yeck (3 days ago)

nice game, but it's ruined by the screen intermittently jumping :(

yeck (3 days ago)

nice game, but the dang screen keeps jumping cos of the adverts :(

Kent074 (27 days ago)

so boring

SadisticSoul (28 days ago)

Would be a decent game, but I am sick of having to start from the beginning every time I close my browser.. it should save to my account..

TheWizardTim (31 days ago)

They didn't learn one of the most important lessons from Kingdom Rush - of which this is pretty much a copy: You need to the ability reset to redistribute the i-volve you earned. Without out that feature, if you reach a impossible stage with your current distribution, your only choice is to start over from the beginning. Lame.

7imber (over a month ago)

it frose plz fi

famfam (over a month ago)

Really hard game actually, but I stuck with it. Get the upgrade to increase loot for monsters. Get the tower cost upgrades, then damage ones. I didn't bother upgrading the special powers too much. It's winnable, but very hard. Didn't spend any I-volve on the extra tower spots, you don't need them. Don't waste Ivolve on buying lives at the need it for upgrades.

Husband_of_Stinky (over a month ago)

Good TD game. Hard to get 100% later on. Nearly finished

milonshil (over a month ago)

Did Last Week's Game of Thrones Have The Best Fight Scene of 2016?

malricas (over a month ago)

None of the games are loading, please fix the issue!