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D.E.E.P. Mining Game Information

D.E.E.P. Mining
Yeti, CGI
I am Robo Knight, and I have been a guardian for many years. Like me, the isolated planet in D.E.E.P. is a epic source of mysterious technology!
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732 Reviews
anon0000 (9 days ago)

Great game. A couple of feature requests: Put a small cross-section picture of the planet in one of the lower corners showing how deep you are in the planet. Eventually, if you dig deep enough (hours or days), you could eventually reach the core of the planet. Also put a temperature gauge and have that be an add-on you can get to make your armor more heat resistant. The higher the armor, the deeper you can go since it gets hotter and hotter.

CoolCobra14 (9 days ago)

Long wait...>:-(

awes0meaust (9 days ago)

this is a new mega miner. but its still good

wylandylan123 (11 days ago)

Not bad but could be better

ANTS ARE AWESOME (15 days ago)

takes a long time to load but it is worth the wait

StillBrees (21 days ago)

It was awesome, but after I completed all of the missions, it gave me 5,000,000 dollars, which was great, but all it the surprise was is a congratulations screen, and it won't even let you continue on that account, making the 5,000,000 that I earned worthless. WHY!!!???

RyMad (28 days ago)

This game is good like a lot of your games HOWEVER I find myself leaving after a few minutes because of your advertising. Your advertising slows down the game or makes it unplayable completely. I've been booted countless times b boy do those ads pop back up immediately. If ads weren't videos, there wouldn't be a problem. The game doesn't freeze or delay during still frame advertising but if it's a video, playing the game gets old quick. I still haven't finished it because of this issue. BT... more >>

tooepicbros (over a month ago)

yes just yes

jmonty007 (over a month ago)

TERRIBLE DELAY!This game HAD potential, if it weren't for the bad lag. Your better off playing Motherload. It actually works!

gman4161 (over a month ago)

I was looking for mother-load and found this (better) game