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Corporation Inc. Game Information

Corporation Inc.
Can't wait to start crushing souls? Start a corporation! Build an office tower and stuff it with employees. Will you get rich, or just make people angry?
TEEN+   (more info)
Strategy Games
Random Tycoon
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Total AG Ratings: 3,204

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2,606 Reviews
greysonalexander (20 days ago)

I really like this one I've played it a few times

mermecha (21 days ago)

I like the game but I've now played it 4 times and each time the game has glitched as soon as I get research to fire pole. When the research notif pops up, all the elevators stop running and when I try to build the pole the game eats the money but doesn't build the item.

mermecha (21 days ago)

I liked it but I've played it 4 times now and restarted and every time my research gets to the fire pole it glitches and the elevators stop running and when I try to build the pole it eats the money but doesn't build the item.

SerPounceALot (25 days ago)

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fenton03 (26 days ago)

the game is aweeesome

FancyFrancyFame (over a month ago)

I LOVE IT. Its awesome and addicting game. ;)

stonetycoon (over a month ago)

i like it but the ads get rid of the ads so im happy idiots

kittylover3 (over a month ago)

i will keep the game open for 12:00 i like sooo much

Sab3rsaw (over a month ago)

i played this for a bout 10 mins, my building was offices wide and 6 tall, and i was making about 200,000 a day! fun game

cutekitty47 (over a month ago)

it took me like a year and a half to figure out how to play but now its so much fun