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Castle Siege
They're coming for your castle, but your fireballs stand in their way! Burn 'em before they bury you!
TEEN+   (more info)
A - shoot fireball S - shoot arrow
Strategy Games
Tower Defense War
727,251   (469 today)

Total AG Ratings: 303

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122 Reviews
Monkeypjs1001 (over a month ago)
It's something to do, laugh out loud, by the way to the guy who can't spell, it's D-U-M-B, not "dum."
Money257 (over a month ago)
this is a dum game
chrisG77 (over a month ago)
how do you even play!?
RasenShuirken (over a month ago)
this game is glitchy
acro165 (over a month ago)
I lost at level 5
Collite (over a month ago)
It's different, and enjoyable. A few bugs to work out, mainly either give more gold for upgrades, or, weaken some of the monster health. Lvl 3 shouldn't have giants that are able to pound out half the castle life and take like 20 fireballs to kill.
marineguy89 (over a month ago)
needs alot of work, the game does have serious potential but needs alot of things changed such as balancing out the strength of the enemy to be competitive with the strength of your weapons, fix the glitching with the gold showing that you have 0 gold until you buy something, make it a little prettier, change some colors around because its hard to see the health of the enemies and the grass just doesnt seem to look right. just a few minor tweaks and it could be alot better but overall its not a bad game, there are just many out there so in compared to the other ones this isnt the greatest but like i said earlier it does have potential.
crazyjackcat (over a month ago)
ok never mind
crazyjackcat (over a month ago)
how the f do i fire
ploof (over a month ago)
AWESOME! Although It is a tad hard and I died on the third level...