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Pinch Hitter 2 Game Information

Pinch Hitter 2
This sandlot really rocks. Choose your colors and see how many tasks you can get done. Will you make it to the major leagues?
TEEN+   (more info)
Mouse to move; Mouseclick to swing
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Total AG Ratings: 12,574

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9,783 Reviews
jland57 (13 days ago)

The 150 ads they try ans shove at you cause the screen to skip, making this game impossible

time270 (over a month ago)


beebooUI (over a month ago)

on level 2 it should just be outs not strikes

kantnasty (over a month ago)

Tried this game a few years ago and couldn't get to the major league. Now i beat it in 3 days. Woot woot. Anything is possible.

Msteck101 (over a month ago)

With all the ads popping up all the time the game stutters and stammers like it was running on dial up... Love the game and hate the operation. I get the ads but really?????

short_monkey10 (over a month ago)

hate it just hate is

randomfella (over a month ago)

The world series is annoying and the logic behind getting out and safe is ridiculous. A grounder in front of 2nd is safe at 1st but a bomb to right field results in being thrown out at home. Makes sense. Also how do the fielders have a 20 ft wingspan? Other than that, its a good game.

coonhat (over a month ago)

this game is fun till you get to the second lvl then its so bad its un real its unbeatable

ayat143 (over a month ago)

i love basboll i always play in my homes field with my friend

dddd611 (over a month ago)

This is crap. Pretty much all of the action and sport games have gone to crap. Sitting with decked out internet connection and a computer I have used for work to make calls but the games constantly glitch due to ads loading. Tries to run through 20 different ads in the middle of the game making it impossible to play anything like this. I am done if there is no change with this. Addicting games has gone too far with advertisements.