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Andew Pope
No wings, no propeller, no jetpack. Just you and a bunch of parachutes! Click to deploy and let the wind carry you. But parachutes don't last; grab more white chutes from the air and keep sailing! Colored chutes and stars have special happy powers. Avoid the black stars, though. They make you fall like a stone...
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mouse to pop a chute
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Total AG Ratings: 520

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412 Reviews
roast_qveen (over a month ago)
it okay my highscore is 9432
regtest3 (over a month ago)
how do you submit a score?
korakora (over a month ago)
my low score is 3243.. any 1 can so less then me??
arie23 (over a month ago)
my high score was 46,480
ashlyn6324 (over a month ago)
this game is so frustrating lol
shawney101 (over a month ago)
My high score is 38,229!!! Who can beat me? Post your score
kim locsin (over a month ago)
zombie_slayer_91 (over a month ago)
its a good game hope they make a second one soon with jetpacks that have fuel to run out of and you can crash by hitting small buildings
kawaii_kitty (over a month ago)
in love with this game ^-^
washington273622 (over a month ago)
my highest score is 19,814!