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Best Hockey Game
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Ignore all those other hockey games: this here is the real deal. Play as a team - pass, shoot, steal, score! And it wouldn't be hockey without fist fights. Punch your way to victory!
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WASD Space - Boost Shift - switch players (defense) mouse aim/pass/shoot
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2,348 Reviews
guygho8uhupufvgbhfpdjhfsefjgkb (19 days ago)

its awesome but it lags

hullo010 (over a month ago)

Awesome game. it is a bit too easy lol. I won with 10 minute periods in hard mode 22-1 lol.

Icecreamcone2002 (over a month ago)

*Opponents have won.*

Icecreamcone2002 (over a month ago)

I love this game, due to the fact that it gives me something to do during school. Plus I have adapted to Hard and now Easy and Normal are so slow paced, all I play on is Hard. ITS SO FUN. Plus I have won 9 games and lost 3. If you want to know how many games you have won, look into the top left corner under the score and that is how many games you have won. Same spot in the top right corner is how many games the opponents have one.

Icecreamcone2002 (over a month ago)

Glitch doesn't work. Found something that does work on hard though. You want to protect the puck by facing away from the defenders, all while pushing towards their goal. When you get to their goal, spin and shoot, but go from the sides. You need to spin and shoot quick or their goalie will get the puck. On defense, you need to predict where they're gonna pass it, then put your player there. It works for me, but I've always been a good guesser at stuff. Tell me if this helps.

Icecreamcone2002 (over a month ago)

May have found a glitch. Opponent on Hard used it on me. You go around the back of the net, and put your stick through the net and into the goal and it might score, but IDK. Tell me if it works, but I think the CPU did it accidentally, but their stick went through the net, and it scored a goal against me.

minerboy54321 (over a month ago)

For those of you saying the puck went through the goalie, i think it is supposed to go under them

OreoMilk (over a month ago)

This is The Best Hockey Game EVER!!!

hockeygirl5353 (over a month ago)

this game was great except sometimes the puck went throw the goalie and other times he would save it it seemed as it was hard to control the players to ofrcheck and back check

25Paytonray24 (over a month ago)

The game is a good concept. The programers obviously arn't going to win any awards. They were super sloppy. A few times the puck would faze right through my goalie, like what the heck. Then other times he would catch it then drop it right in front of the goal. #BADGAME