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The Cyborg
Unlimited ammo is the highlight of this first person shooter, where you shoot hundreds of guys who all look exactly alike.
TEEN CAUTION       (more info)
Mouse to aim and fire Follow arrows to get into position
Shooting Games
Bloody War
661,413   (24 today)

Total AG Ratings: 63

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21 Reviews
matthewthegreat69 (over a month ago)
all you do is shoot people who dont die.
matthewthegreat69 (over a month ago)
this game stinks
doublexxx (over a month ago)
stupid add me
snookie wookum (over a month ago)
\Reminds of that Cops arcade game i played at Reno,Nevada
zeeboy4001 (over a month ago)
really bad affects
Lenny8 (over a month ago)
Just dumb.
deadly nerd (over a month ago)
hardest game ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Genral Zaroff (over a month ago)
ok. add me
clark6050 (over a month ago)
veekter you dont have unlimited ammo you have 2000 moron
TheGamer101 (over a month ago)
WTF? 10000 PEOPLE IN A HOUSE? Unrealistic!