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Dragon Slayers 2 Game Information

Dragon Slayers 2
Ultimate Flash Game Archive
The dragons are back again. Firebreathing down your door and bent on revenge since you slew thier scaly cousins during the last dragon assault.
TEEN+   (more info)
mouse to aim click to pull back arrow release to fire
Shooting Games
Bloody Stick Figure
12,747,510   (365 today)

Total AG Ratings: 10,216

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6,243 Reviews
XxRainKillerxX (over a month ago)

hi ilked this this game is best :D

XXXGMOXXX (over a month ago)

I like it but it will not let me buy more mage people both of the mage people or anything man i really don't want to restart pls fixs this and i would like to make a game like this cuz it is so fun and when I can make something like this i will

staind (over a month ago)

Fun, gets repetitive. 267 carpenters and 113 archers at level 55. The game mostly plays itself; you just wait and shoot down the tan blocking dragons once you've gathered all the food for a wave. The archers take out everything else.

theobviousone (over a month ago)

Holy Lag - O - Rama!

Timedchip61885 (over a month ago)

meh. lvl 20. good game. amazing idea.

shouldbeworking01 (over a month ago)

Lvl 85 boss: you need about 300 carpenters :) The bosses just keep flying away. I wonder if they ever actually die... standard level play gets pretty dull after lvl 45, archers kills all but one type of dragon and carpenters stay hard at work. Make sure to buy food between levels if you aren't gathering enough, upkeep costs roughly 5x as much!

hopkinsjd (over a month ago)

You beat 15 by getting level 3 ballista and max out castle with 10 carpenters. Don't update anything else and you'll beat it.

bonemallet (over a month ago)

its a nice lvl. 15 unkillable (?) boss fight. death balls, death ray, 100 dmg dragons. archers are useless, mages are way too random, everything is kind of sluggish

hopkinsjd (over a month ago)

How do you beat the big dragon on level 15

epicdjw (over a month ago)

its a fun game but i get stuck on the boss