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You've built towers. Now work with girders! Careful, though - they get stressed and break under pressure. Just like game developers!
ALL AGES   (more info)
Mouse to lay girders and connect them
Puzzle Games
Brain Teasers & Quizzes
2,190,187   (10 today)

Total AG Ratings: 3,266

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2,038 Reviews
crc711 (over a month ago)
this game is so underrated, I love it!
Vocaloid10 (over a month ago)
I love this game! whenever I build, I literally connect every single girder in every possible way.
bladactania (over a month ago)
This game is a bit addicting but could be so much better. Different levels with different height goals and number of base points to start with. And placing the girders could be easier too, like maybe a build mode where gravity doesn't exist. As it is, the tower is wobbling after 3 or 4 floors have been built.
death him self (over a month ago)
nosnikta (over a month ago)
wow my best is like only 961 i suk
1Anderz (over a month ago)
The best game ever! There is a secret to it. My high score: 3,682
coolsdayoff (over a month ago)
You don't do anything in the game what is the point of this lame game?!!!
catman800 (over a month ago)
The Teapot (over a month ago)
I got 1516!
The Teapot (over a month ago)
5.5 Out of 5 stars. This is epic on a stick.