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Game Information

Escape From The Campground
Dina Gjertsen
Hate sleeping on the ground? Hate shaking spiders out of your boots? OK then - escape from this camping trip! There is no portal in the tent, so you will need to collect items to MacGyver yourself out of the woods. And be careful, because nothing but angry critters lurk in the darkness. Scary!
TEEN+   (more info)
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Total AG Ratings: 379

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345 Reviews
damzawk12 (over a month ago)
that was so dumb. Why would you put an oar under a tent, matches in a damn fish( a fish for gods sake ), and how would a melted marshmallow plug a hole in a canoe.
tg121631 (over a month ago)
can any one help me i can't find the matches?
Rocketgirl89 (over a month ago)
Cool game
jakass469 (over a month ago)
i love these games
colstin (over a month ago)
quite interesting
AutumnJ (over a month ago)
Really Easy! Like easy enough to finish in a minute easy.
csxboy2015 (over a month ago)
hey homies yeah just chiilin with my friends when we were muddin saw a hot chick nothin else though after that we went back to the campfire i talked to kennin about mariel lewis and tito does anyone know who im talking about its from a book ? message me and aslo add me on this
happyplayer123 (over a month ago)
how to paddle canoe?
Misty05 (over a month ago)
lol too easy. only time i read comments was too find out how to move canoe
donut24 (over a month ago)
i did it in one minute without the walkthrough